A couple of new TextMate themes

About every six months or so I get bored with my setup and go poking around in an attempt to spice things up. One of the first things I start messing around with is my text editor theme. The last two however, I never got around to releasing and now seems like as good a time as any.

An interesting conversation with a troll

Recently, Patrick Kelpek of Giant Bomb had an interesting conversation with a troll and decided to share it. In a surprising turn of events, the troll actually had some interesting things to say:

Real, lasting, positive social change is not won through wars or revolutions, and certainly not through being an insensitive ass on Twitter. Only gradual progress achieved through non-violent means is capable of transforming our world into a more ideal setting. However, going back to my first point, this is the internet. It’s a different context requiring a different response. If I saw someone else make the tweet I made, I would laugh, not because I take suicide lightly or want Nguyen to be miserable, but because: here’s some random Vietnamese guy upsetting millions of people across the world, over an extremely simplistic phone game, due to some autistic tantrum, and the comment has just reduced his entire existence and all of their cares into five words. The humor of this scenario is self-evident to me, but I guess it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Is it time for the 80 character line limit to go?

Ah the 80 character line limit. It’s the first thing in nearly any styleguide and it came to be largely because of the width of the IBM punched card from the ‘20s. Nearly a century later and it’s as common as ever. Is it time for a change?

Rolling your own PJAX implementation with History.js

If you were like me, at some point you read somewhere about this cool new thing called PJAX. Essentially, instead of issuing normal HTTP requests when navigating a site, links are fetched and loaded via AJAX to avoid full page refreshes. The site feels much more responsive. This isn’t without it’s quirks however.